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Can I bring my mobile phone?​​​

One of the differentiators of 21Renew is that we provide our clients with the facilities to stay in touch with their work and family.

We realise how important it is for you to maintain contact with your office so we have times allocated each day for you to use your laptop/mobile phone. This means you can stay in touch with your office throughout the 21 days. It is important the daily structure of the 21renew program is adhered to so we ask you to sign an agreement regarding the use of your laptop/mobile phone and you will be expected to adhere to these times.


We also understand there can be emergencies in your business and if this occurs then with the consent of the Head Facilitator you will be able to attend to these emergencies.

Can I take my medication with me?

Yes, as long as it is prescribed by a qualified professional and it must be in its original package from the pharmacy (this can include a blister pack). The medication must also have an accompanying letter from the prescribing doctor or pharmacist verifying what the pack contains. You will need this letter from the Doctor or Pharmacist to get the medication through customs and all medication must be handed to one of the 21Renew Rehab Team upon arrival and it will be available at the prescribed times.

Any Alcohol & Drug Rehab program when delivering their treatment & recovery program should always take into account the clients' medical requirements.

Will I be expected to pay anything over the 21 days?

During your 21Renew alcohol and drug rehab program you will not be required to pay for anything scheduled during the 21 days. Your initial investment in the 21Renew Program covers all expenses relating to the treatment and recovery program during the 21 days. This includes all your meals, massages, yoga and any outings that are part of the 21Renew program. The only responsibility you have is to arrange your own airfare to and from the designated airport for the program. 

Can I smoke at the facility?

The treatment & recovery program delivered by 21Renew is designed to assist you to deal with any alcohol and drug issues you might have. While most Drug and Alcohol Rehabs do not allow smoking, we understand there will be participants in the program who enjoy smoking and we set aside designated areas at each of the venues for the program participants to smoke.

Can I go shopping?

To ensure you receive the maximum benefit from your treatment and recovery program, we expect you to remain inside the boundaries of the Villa for the duration of the rehab program. If you have a need to leave the Villa during your 21Renew program then as a matter of courtesy we ask you to speak to the Head Facilitator. Anyone who during the program leaves the Villa without first speaking to the Head Facilitator may be asked to leave the program.

It is important for every client to maximise their time at the Rehab facility

If I decide to leave the program, will my money be refunded?

As you will appreciate prior to your treatment and recovery program commencing there is a significant investment in obtaining the venue, contracting the professional rehab staff for the 21 days and ensuring all of the amenities are ready for you when you arrive.


That said, we understand you are making a significant investment in enrolling in the 21Renew Program, and to demonstrate our confidence in what the program will deliver and how significant an impact it will have on your future, we have instituted the following guarantee.


If you leave the program for any reason in the first 10 days you will automatically be refunded 50% of your investment. This will be transferred into your nominated bank account within 3 working days of your departure.

This is one of the main differentiators of the 21Renew Rehab program

What if I need drug or alcohol detoxing?

As part of the 21Renew Program, you will be asked to participate in our comprehensive treatment and recovery program which includes the pre-program discovery assessment. This has been designed to provide our team of professionals with all of the information they need to ensure you derive the maximum benefit from attending our Rehab program.


If during the pre-program assessment there appears a need for you to have a drug or alcohol detox then in conjunction with you, your doctor and our professional team, a personalised plan will be created to ensure this process is conducted safely and in accordance with strict medical supervision with your doctor or treating professional.

Who is involved in delivering the program?

Graeme Alford is the Head Facilitator for the 21Renew program, and he has a wealth of experience in dealing with alcohol and drug-related issues and delivering a customised rehab treatment and recovery program for individuals with a variety of substance abuse and addiction issues.

Graeme and his professional support team in conjunction with the villa staff including chefs, cleaning and security as well as the yoga teachers, masseuses and fitness team will ensure you are in the best and most capable hands during your stay and that you leave your treatment and recovery program with a customised plan going forward. The success of any drug or alcohol rehab is largely dependent on the experience of their staff.

You can read more about our team here.

Will I have my own room?

Yes. The 21Renew Program is a custom-designed treatment and recovery program and the entire rehab program has been built on ensuring the accommodation is commensurate with the expectations of what a high-class Rehab should provide. Each venue that is selected to host a program undergoes a thorough inspection prior to being booked. From the kitchen to ensuring each bedroom has it’s own ensuite all of the facilities are first class.

You can see more about our accommodation and facilities here.

If I have specific dietary requirements, can they be met?

Yes, prior to enrolling in the treatment and recovery program at 21Renew you will undergo our comprehensive pre-program rehab discovery assessment and as part of this, any dietary requirements you may have will be itemised and will be catered for.


21Renew is a Luxury Drug and Alcohol Rehab that is committed to its clients and if during the Program you wish to change anything regarding your dietary requirements then you can speak to any of our team and if possible the changes will be made.

Do you offer family support?

Our expert family support teamwork with parents, spouses, dependents and siblings prior to the client entering their residential stay, during their residential stay and after they return home. Each member of the family is encouraged to ring our support team at any time if they have any queries or questions. Our family support team work tirelessly to ensure the environment the client is returning into is prepared and ready for their family member when they return and then on a daily basis ensuring everything in the clients' plan is put into place.

Do you offer any aftercare following the 21-day Residential stay?

Absolutely! It's one of the advantages of our program. It's not just about the 21 days with us, but we continue your plan with a 60-day aftercare life integration program. You can read more about that here.

Can I bring my mobile phone?
Can I take my medication with me?
Will I be expected to pay anything?
Can I smoke
Can I go shopping
If I decide to leave...
What if I need detoxing
Who is involved in delivering te program
Will I have my own room
If I have dietery requirements...
Do you offer family support
Do you offer any aftercare



The 21Renew team has over 36 years in helping alcoholics to recover.

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Making the decision to seek help is the hardest part. We know it can be daunting, but if you are reading this, then you have already made the brave first step of acknowledging you may benefit from professional help.

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