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Our core program "A Program For Life" has a proven high success rate, due to its combination of 21 intense residential days PLUS 60 days of life integration support back in your home environment.


We create a strong foundation for treatment by investing considerable time in discovery conversations, when we create an individual plan based on your situation, to ensure you really get the most out of your treatment.


Once you have made the decision to join the 21Renew Program For Life and committed to change, we begin conversations with you to create your individual treatment plan and assign you the most suitable Recovery Coach.

We will have several conversations with you to understand your circumstances, how you behave and think and develop the techniques that are going to make sure you get the most out of your investment in treatment. Understanding your learning style is as important to know, as your drug and alcohol history.

Dependent on your drug and alcohol use, we will discuss how you can safely and comfortably detox prior to treatment.


This stage is critical to ensure long term success. We are always thinking about how recovery will work in your future, not just how we can fix your substance abuse issues short term.

Family and friends, when necessary and with your agreement, may also be included in the plan, especially when it comes to the post-residential phase.


The residential stay and hands-on coaching part of the program takes place at our luxury facility in Bali. In this safe and serene environment, we deliver your pre-agreed treatment plan using proven traditional recovery methods combined with modern treatment techniques

We only take 5 clients at a time, and all clients start the 21 days at the same time, so everyone progresses through different components of the program at the same time. This means your mindsets are similar to support each other throughout the experience. This is unlike other rehabs, where sometimes up to 100 clients come in and out at different times.

We do not create a 'punishing' environment, with enforced rules and revoked privileges. We believe this is not beneficial to engaging and remaining committed to recovery.

Your progress is continuously monitored and the treatment plan adjusted if necessary. We communicate with you about this. No decision is made without your knowledge or consent.

Our Family Support Team is also available on the phone at all times for any family members who need support while you are in treatment. It is valuable to also educate those close to you while you go through your own journey.

If you actively participate in your treatment, you will experience the change you are after.


We have thought of absolutely everything so that you don't have to. Throughout the program, you will experience the following.

  • 21-day educational recovery program, tailored to you and delivered by professionals, with the support of the group.

  • Program delivered through the Inductive Learning Model, which is a proven method for best bringing about change.

  • Our staff stay on-site during your stay and they are available at any time for 121 conversations.

  • Luxury accommodation to give your body the rest that it needs.

  • Three nutritional and healing meals a day, made on-site by our Head Chef using fresh and local ingredients. Food provided is plentiful, and there are always snacks on offer.

  • Daily meditation and yoga sessions. We have brought in the only Iyevenger instructor to Bali, as we believe this is the most suitable form for our clients.

  • We support your own exercise needs. We can provide in-house boxing classes, take you to a local gym or organize walks across the rice paddies. Of course, there is always access to the swimming pool.

  • Regular massages and specialists for any specific injuries.

  • Personal time to attend to any personal or business matters.

  • Group excursions are selected by the clients and may include white water rafting, cycling, trips to the beach or visits to temples. 

  • Relaxation time for you to enjoy the villa grounds. The program can be intense, and downtime is important.

At 21Renew, every expense incurred during your stay is included in the price. Unlike other facilities that charge extra for days out and excursions.


Accomodation and facilities

The 21Renew 5* villa grounds are spacious, luscious and safe, with 24 hour security. Every one of our clients has their own spacious en-suite luxury room.

We know from experience, that comfort and tranquility really help the tratment process, and therefore we put a lot of time and effort into finding the perfect location and maintaining the premises so they are ideal for people starting their recovery.



Removing yourself from alcohol and drugs is just the first step. Staying off of them requires ongoing work and attention.


Immediately following the completion of your 21 day residential stay, once you return back home, you begin the second phase of your treatment plan with your Recovery Coach.


For 60 days you have unlimited access to us. We continue to communicate with you on a 1-2-1 basis and also, at appropriate times, with the group. The continued learning and support is designed for you to integrate what you have learned into your real-life situations back home.


The following months leaving rehab can be testing and stressful. Our 'Life Integration' part of your plan, ensures that you resort to the skills you learned, rather than resort to picking up a drink or a drug.

Internal changes are already in place following the residential stay, and this phase focuses on making the external changes to your environment and routine that are going to make your future easier and more enjoyable.

Our Family Support Team continues to be available to provide the immediate family with unlimited support and coaching during this time. We work to make the transition smooth for all, and ensure everyone understands the necessary changes and communication that needs to take place.

60 days life integration


Making the decision to seek help is the hardest part. We know it can be daunting, but if you are reading this, then you have already made the brave first step of acknowledging you may benefit from professional help.

All you have to do to take the next step, is to pick up the phone and call us for a chat. There is no obligation to sign up for anything and we will not put any pressure on you to do so. We will just listen, share some experience and suggest some options.


Call us for a confidential chat

and to arrange a free addiction assessment:

+61 1800 300 813

Alternatively, please schedule a convenient time for a call with us below

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