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Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic, 21Renew has taken the decision to pause its residential treatment for the safety of its clients and to help prevent the spread globally.

We continue to offer our non-residential treatment program which you can attend in the safety of your own home.

Reset My Future, our alternative to rehab, is a personalised 12-week course of professional coaching and support to help people struggling with substance abuse issues to get back on track. 


We will also deduct the cost of the course from the option of attending a future residential program if you feel you would like further treatment at a later date.

21Renew is a luxury rehab and treatment centre with a different approach to treating substance abuse. We have learned everything that works from over 36 years of experience in recovery, and created a unique, and personalized approach, which treats every one of our clients as an individual.


We know what works because we've worked it, and have shared that knowledge with thousands of people suffering from substance abuse issues, alcoholics and addicts. We developed an intensive 21-day program designed for a lifetime of results, helping you to be the very best version of you.

Our completely confidential and life-changing program, helps these people and their families redirect their path, and traject towards a positive future. 

Right now there are millions of people struggling with their use of alcohol, meth, cocaine, prescription pills, and other drugs. Most of these people will never get help. But treatment saves lives. It could save yours, or it could save that of someone you love. 

We can help. Change starts right here...



Eat well, rest well and sleep well, while you get well.


Substance abuse, alcoholism and addiction take a physical toll on the body and it's essential to start repairing it from the beginning of your recovery. A healthy body is conducive to a healthy mind.

All our spacious en-suite rooms are in a safe, luxury 5* villa, set in spacious and beautiful grounds. They are designed for ultimate relaxation and comfort, to ensure painless withdrawals and a good night's sleep.

Our nutritionist has designed a healthy, healing menu to replenish the body from years of lost nutrients.

We also introduce meditation, yoga and other physical exercises at your comfort level. It's amazing what a difference this all does to the mind in supporting the foundation of recovery.


At the core of the 21Renew program is our advanced educational program designed to rewire the brain from old beliefs, patterns and behaviours. 


Based in psychology and applied using techniques and methods we know work, the program gives you methods for rethinking life and how to deal with its challenges.

Your treatment plan is tailored to you, as we recognise every individual and their situation is different.  The intensive 21 day program is designed to get the absolute most out of your time, and is especially beneficial to people who are unable to take months out for slower, longer-term treatment.

Our aim is to show you a way to live, not just temporarily fix your problem.


21Renew believe that recovery is about living again. We help you to refind your passion, and work out how you are going to bring that back to life again.


Maybe you used to be passionate in your career, in sport, or in a hobby, but alcohol and drugs caused it to fade. We will help you regain the excitement for it you once had.

The 21 day program takes you through an uncovering experience, that helps you identify what makes you happy and where you find joy. Then we show you how to find more of it.

Unlike other treatment centres, we put a lot of focus on what your life is going to look after you leave us, as we know that people who get back into living are more successful in their long-term recovery.


It's amazing how productive and focused alcoholics and addicts are when they are clean. We help you understand how to harness the power of this to become the person you always wanted to be.

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Reset My Future is our alternative to rehab.


It consists of a 12-week non-residential program for people who want to address their substance abuse issues, reset their path going forward, and feel excited about their future.

It is more suitable for people who are still functioning but recognise they need to deal with their usage of alcohol, drugs, prescriptions drugs or gambling.  They are typically time-poor and unable to commit to residential treatment- Reset My Future is a program that fits in with your home and work life.






Our 21 + 60 day program has two phases. The first 21 days are residential, to really give you a hands-on boost into recovery.


The following 6o days aftercare happen when you are back home, so we can fully support you to integrate what you have learned into your life.


Our clients usually have responsibilities, and our program shows them how to manage and enjoy those in recovery.


Most treatment centres do not offer an aftercare program, or if they do, it is very limited. The most difficult time for anyone leaving treatment is the early months back home. We are still with you every step of the way! 


Your treatment plan is completely personalized, unlike most facilities, who provide a one-size-fits-all approach. 

We do not believe that a pre-defined, rigid program, that is rolled out over and over, gives you the best chance for success.


21Renew only take 6 clients at a time so you get the attention you need, and our staff are always available when you need them.

Every day of  the 21 day program is different and we keep adapting plans to fit your progress. We can do this because the years of experience of our team enable us to recognize what the next best thing for you is.


The paradise island of Bali is the home of the 21Renew program. You cannot find a more serene and tranquil location to recover in peace, far removed from the chaos of life.

Everything you need is provided at our 5 star villa, and a full team of staff are on hand to cater to you. The villa grounds are beautiful, with plenty of space for you to have privacy when you need it.

We understand that you may need your mobile and laptop to keep on top of home and business affairs, and therefore we do not remove them from you, unlike most rehabs.


We respect you as adults. We do not believe a list of rules and a rigid pre-defined schedule help the experience of recovery.


Our on-hands team has over 36 years in recovery and helping others with substance abuse issues.


We do not employ anyone with under 10 years of experience in recovery, as we believe that in order to help others, they need to have significant experience of living life clean and sober themselves.

The recovery of thousands of people has been touched over the years by our staff.  They are caring, compassionate, and also qualified. 

When looking for a treatment centre, you should always ask about the experience of the staff. Many rehabs employ support workers with under a few years of experience.


"I don’t really know how I can convey how much happier I am now compared to a year ago. Your program gave me the framework and personal support which I needed to get real about life and to focus on what’s important.... 

my wife and kids.."


Making the decision to seek help is the hardest part. We know it can be daunting, but if you are reading this, then you have already made the brave first step of acknowledging you may benefit from professional help.

All you have to do to take the next step, is to pick up the phone and call us for a chat. There is no obligation to sign up for anything and we will not put any pressure on you to do so. We will just listen, share some experience and suggest some options.


Call us for a confidential chat

and to arrange a free addiction assessment:

+61 1800 300 813

Alternatively, complete the form below and we will contact you back:

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